Sunday, June 17, 2007

Five learning curves

Five different offenses to learn in five years ←enough to discombobulate any normal humanoid! In this case, however, you have a pro player who also has the amusing penchant for using the classic line, "They are the same, only different."

Garcia: "I’m Not Where I Want To Be"
June 14, 2007 Beth Gaddis/ROY CUMMINGS
TAMPA – For a guy who is said to be "way ahead" of everyone else in the battle for the starting quarterback job, Jeff Garcia sounded an awful lot on Thursday like a guy who is way behind his competitors...
One reason Garcia is so behind mentally is that this is the fifth offense he’s been forced to learn in the last five years. He said this is "similar but different" than the others but that he’s catching on – slowly.

Nice work, Jeff Garcia!