Sunday, July 8, 2007

Twisted elitism, Orlando style.

Elitism is defined as favored treatment, as if it were an entitlement, due to supposedly superior economic or intellectual status. I.e., railroad tracks - there is a right side and a wrong side of the railroad tracks. Elitists are on the right side. "These people" are on the other side of the tracks.

Except in Orlando.

Otherwise, someone could explain why a "scholarship" service for lower income kids to go to summer camp is actually elitism. It is as if the elitists have quantum-tunneled to from the right side of the tracks but did not land on the wrong side of the tracks: they landed in a parallel universe. OOPS.

"YMCA is ousted from kids' program
Orange County says the nonprofit's limits on voucher use 'gave the appearance of elitism.'"
July 8, 2007, David Damron, Orlando Sentinel

Orange County officials are upset with area YMCAs for not expanding a program for low- and moderate-income children to the nonprofit's facilities in more affluent communities such as Winter Park, Dr. Phillips and Lake Nona, saying it smacks of elitism.

The county has dropped the YMCA from its list of participants for The Club, which provides $300 vouchers to about 1,000 children to help pay for costly summer camps, because the YMCA insisted the vouchers be used at its facilities in less affluent areas such as Tangelo Park or South Orlando

Tell me this isn't a government operation.

I guess it is another episode in Florida's continuing daytime drama inspired by the true story of Theresa LePore, the Democrat election supervisor in Palm Beach who biffed an entire national election and then blames the Republicans.

In the big scheme of things, if it is more important to help kids from well-off neighborhoods and criticize those who help kids from poorer neighborhoods -- the wrong side of the tracks -- then either I am a monkey's uncle or Al Gore really DID invent the internet.