Saturday, October 27, 2007

Democrat candidates punish Florida but still ask for Florida dough

Democrat politicians prove once again that they really love the Theresa LePore tradition: screw things up then blame GOPers. Exhibit D* is a report about the out-of-state Democrat candidates who keep their word to avoid the Sunshine State citizens who do not pony up the cash money.
Lack of presidential candidates looms over Democrats' convention
AP, Florida Times-Union
Oct. 27, 2007

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Three thousand Democrats came here Saturday and rallied around their top politicians and party leaders, but the biggest impression was made by who wasn't there: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and other presidential candidates.

The candidates skipped the convention to honor a pledge not to campaign in Florida because the state violated party rules by setting its primary date before Feb. 5...

"The Republicans want you to believe that just because a few of our friends aren't joining us Florida Democrats are going to start voting Republican. Can you all believe that?" [Florida Democrat Chairman] Thurman said as the crowd jeered. "I will put one of our all-stars up against their benchwarmers all day long."
How does this link up with Theresa LePore?

Just re-read the words of Karen Thurman carefully: Democrat "all-stars" versus GOP "benchwarmers."

As amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker sometimes says, "What the--?!"

Thurman trash talks her all-stars against the other side's scrubs? No wonder Theresa LePore got the butterfly ballot into use in Palm Beach County.

Next on the schedule: after establishing Democrat footshooting, somebody blames the Republicans!

* Cf. recent LePore-isms, exhibits A, B and C here.