Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Yeah, right.

This is like the meeting at the liars club. "We'll mail in the ballots and that will be 100 percent honest and fair for sure. Yeah, that's the ticket."

Even if Theresa LePore stays out of it, how can a normal human being honestly trust the validity and reliability of a mail ballot primary election in which the two candidates are
  1. a Chicago machine politician and
  2. Hillary Clinton
It would be an act of unnatural credulity.
Crist proposes state oversight of a revote
Miami Herald
March 8, 2008
Gov. Charlie Crist said Friday he'll lobby fellow Republicans this weekend to help the Democratic Party out of its election quandary with a "blended" revote plan in which the party would pay for vote-by-mail balloting while the state would oversee it.

"If the Democratic National Committee would be willing to pay for it, the appropriate thing to do would be for the state to oversee it to ensure the integrity of the process," said Crist, who discussed the plan with U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson...

Howard Dean, chairman of the DNC, says the national party, which stripped Florida of its delegates for holding its Jan. 29 primary too early, won't fund a new election.

Republican House Speaker Marco Rubio of West Miami said he doesn't like Crist's plan because "our elections supervisors are already over-burdened."

"We already had an election. A record number of Democrats voted. Why can't they just . . . respect those votes and move on? I don't understand why Howard Dean is so obsessed with punishing Florida's Democrats."

Those ballots are going from the printers for a quick vacation in Chicago before the election, and then after the election they will be disappeared faster than a Gulf Coast attorney in a John Grisham novel.

Rubio has the right evaluation of New York bigshot Howard Dean. Obssessed.

This will not end up well. There is no graceful resolution, thanks to Dean and his associates.