Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rep. Kosmas, keep your vote NO on the health care takeover

Rep. Kosmas, please keep your vote NO on the health care conference bill.

The fact that your leadership is keeping it some kind of top secret and not letting it go through a normal conference procedure is a BAD sign, like a Ken Lay Enron scheme.

It is like a used car salesman pushing back the odometer in the dark of night. Very bad.

If it is supposed to be secret and cannot even be allowed on CSPAN, you are carrying water for a bad piece of legislation. Your leadership is willing to sacrifice YOU.

Plus, the little I do understand about this scheme is that I will lose my Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage if I change jobs, or when the most lovely woman alive finds a new job here. She will lose her Cigna coverage and I will not be able to enroll her in my coverage. She is a breast cancer patient.

I am a schoolteacher. And we are about to buy a house. We are first time homebuyers. So if we get foreclosed because you vote for higher insurance premiums or I have to pay for her cancer care out of pocket, how will that make you feel?

So you have GOT to stay solid on your NO vote on the health care takeover.