Friday, April 9, 2010

Stupak is not Florida, but he could be declared an honorary Theresa LePore wannabee.

You have to wonder at the navigational skills of Rep. Stupak. He is not a Florida politician, but he is almost imbecilic enough to be declared an honorary Florida Democrat, following the tradition of Theresa Le Pore and friends.

Rep. Bart Stupak Announces His Retirement After Health Care Controversy
April 09, 2010
Chad Pergram and Dominique Pastre
Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, the central player in a grueling abortion debate underlying the health care law, announced Friday he will retire from Congress at the end of this term, because "it's time to begin a new and exciting chapter."
Exciting chapter? Euphemism. His mind must run on euphemisms.

And what did he think he was buying when he voted for Pelosi's ram-through? He sold her his vote and then falls on his sword? No, you are supposed to sacrifice yourself for what you believe, supposedly for pro-life concepts, not for Nancy Pelosi.

Maybe he was hypnotized by botox waves from the unwavering, unblinking eye of Pelosi. Yes, that might explain it.

Hon. Stupak, you are welcome, like many Michiganders, to fly south to Central Florida, and find a new nest as a snowbird. Maybe you can get a job with Governor Crist.