Sunday, November 7, 2010

Backhoe, modus operandi in the Jennifer Kesse case?

News from California might bear indirectly on the Jennifer Kesse abduction case: the disappearance of college student, Lynsie Ekelund, in early 2001.

Calif. Mother I.D.s Missing Daughter's Bracelet
November 07, 2010
Associated Press
FULLERTON, Calif. -- The mother of a Southern California woman who vanished almost 10 years ago said Saturday a bracelet found on recently unearthed remains belonged to her daughter.

Nancy Ekelund of Fullerton told The Associated Press that she had met with a coroner's investigator and instantly recognized the gold-link bracelet she had given as a present to her daughter Lynsie Ekelund, a 20-year old Fullerton College student who disappeared in 2001...

Christopher McAmis is suspected of strangling her and burying her in a canyon 50 miles north of Los Angeles in Santa Clarita, where he directed investigators to look, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said.

McAmis said he used a tractor to dig a 4-foot grave in the canyon where he had done construction work, officials said.

If a construction worker can use a former work site for disposing of a body in California, then is it possibly the explanation of what happened to Jennifer Kesse in Florida, in 2006? Was Kesse's kidnapper another construction worker digging, for instance, the foundation for the Amscot building, 2033 Americana Blvd., a short distance from the drop off point of Kesse's vehicle? That construction site was at the earth-moving stage soon after the Kesse disappearance, and it would be simple to check whether is was under construction in January, 2006, when she was abducted.

That would be a total luck shot if that were the case -- some murdering construction worker at the nearby Amscot.

In actuality, however, it could be any one of a huge number of construction sites in Central Florida at that time. The suspect in the Ekelund disappearance identified a point in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles, about 50 miles as a crow files, north and west of Fullerton, where Lynsie Ekelund disappeared. As a car drives, it is a straight shot up Interstate-5. But that is definitely not a short distance.

Image: As a crow flies, Fullerton to Santa Clarita. Click for larger size.