Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Southern Jewel muscadine grapes? Where are they available?

I will open the contact form (right) for anyone who knows were one can obtain a vine of Southern Jewel muscadine grapes. Where are they available? They are SO hard to find.

Here are some info links,

  1. Dennis Gray's blurb sheet (PDF), "Southern Jewel: A Self-Fertile, Black Muscadine Grape with Fruit Produced on Bunches has been released by UF/IFAS"
  2. Dennis Gray's article in HortScience (PDF); cf. August 2009 issue.
  3. IFAS news article featuring disease resistance of Southern Jewel muscadine grapes
  4. Florida Grape Growers list of nurseries, but none of them have Southern Jewel yet!
  5. Univ. Georgia spec sheet on muscadine cultivars, including Southern Jewel, but notice that Southern Jewel's productivity and dry scar percentage are not listed!
  6. Article in Western Farm Press
  7. USDA Agricola database entry for Southern Jewel muscadine grape

But where can a civilian buy one or two Southern Jewel muscadine grape vines for his own garden!!!

Sorry to make you use the contact form; the comments feature does not seem to work! >:|