Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't ask questions to tough guy Biden

Unbelievable. The Democrat Party tough guy candidates want to negotiate with Iran, but they can't handle 4 minutes of straight questions from Orlando news anchor Barbara West?

WFTV's Barbara West on her interview with Joe Biden: "I don't think I was rude or inconsiderate to him"
Hal Boedeker
Orlando Sentinel
Oct. 24, 2008
The Barack Obama campaign called Barbara West's interview with Sen. Joe Biden unprofessional and combative...

In a call to me Friday evening, West (pictured) said of Biden: "...These are questions that are rolling about right now and questions that need to be asked. I don't think I was rude or inconsiderate to him. I think I was probing and maybe tough. I can't believe that in all of his years in politics, and all of his campaigning and such, that he hasn't run into some tough questions before. He's certainly up to it in giving good answers."

Tough guy Biden asks the interviewer, "Who writes your questions?"

Such sneering snobbery is going to backfire. Who is next to get "the treatment" from these tough guys?
  1. Sarah Palin
  2. Joe Wurzelbacher
  3. Barbara West

I left a blank space for you to fill in your name, if you dare to ask a tough question.