Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skeleton found - is it Jennifer Kesse's remains?

I wonder if this skeleton is the remains of Jennifer Kesse?
Human bones found in Apopka woods

Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel
3:39 PM EDT, April 21, 2009
APOPKA - A high-school student who took a shortcut home through some woods today stumbled on something he didn't expect: a human skeleton.

The boy found a skull and "numerous bones" in thick woods near Tilden Avenue and Sixth Street, Apopka police spokesman Officer Steve Popp said...

The car shuttling in the Jennifer Kesse case means that transport of her body to a place far from her apartment would probably have involved the Interstate 4. Here is a Google map between approximate locations, Jennifer Kesse's neighborhood and the Apopka neighborhood where the skeleton was found today.

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The Apopka neighborhood is near railroad tracks and a large trucking terminal of some kind, as seen in satellite view.