Monday, August 17, 2009

PROFILE IN COURAGE: Grayson picks union hall for "balanced" town hall meeting

The Orlando Sentinel reporter seems to be reporting several inconvenient facts about the Hon. Alan Grayson's town hall meeting at 820 Virginia in Orlando, 7:45 PM, Monday, Aug. 17.

Grayson picks union hall for "balanced" town hall meeting
David Damron
Orlando Sentinel
12:29 p.m. EDT
August 17, 2009
U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, picked a somewhat small union hall to host a town hall meeting tonight at 7:45, but a spokesman said the location was not picked to "stack the deck" and avoid critics.

Grayson's spokesman Todd Jurkowski said moments ago that the choice of venue -- the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union hall at 820 Virginia Dr., which holds 125 to 150 people -- was picked because it was free, available, and would not hold a crowd so large as to become unwieldy.

A union meeting will be breaking up right before the meeting is to start -- but Jurkowski said the timing of Grayson's session was not planned to keep out critics.

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This reminds me of all the innocent guys in prison. Somehow, they all got framed or something. Similarly, the honorable Grayson
  1. is not stacking the deck,
  2. is not avoiding critics,
  3. did not time the event to pre-fill the hall with IBEW union thugs,
  4. and did not withhold notice until the day of the event to keep it out of the news as long as possible.
No, Hon. Grayson is innocent.

And if a politician claiming innocence is not enough, it appears that the address they published is just a narrow storefront, not designed for crowds. Maybe this is just a coincidence.

And regular IBEW meetings are mostly on Tuesday nights. Why all of a sudden on a Monday night?

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What a profile in courage. Honorable Alan Grayson, multi-zillionaire, cannot risk exposure to his constituents without a bodyguard from IBEW. What a joke.