Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why pharmaceutical companies were puffing up Kosmas and Grayson

A few weeks ago, I asked, "Why are pharmaceutical companies puffing up Kosmas and Grayson?"

It did not compute that some nefarious "enemy" like "big pharmaceutical" would support re-election of politicians like Kosmas and Grayson if they were in the health care takeover scheme up in D.C.

Now it is much more transparent: the White House made a deal with nefarious "big pharmaceutical" through PhRMA, the source of the pro-Kosmas and pro-Grayson advertising.

Drug Dealers:
The White House buys
Big Pharma’s silence.

Wall Street Journal
AUGUST 7, 2009, 11:39 P.M. ET
Democrats are trying to explain opposition to ObamaCare as a sinister conspiracy controlled by the hidden hand of the health-care industry. Psychologists call this projection. Why bother with a new conspiracy when you’ve already clinched a secret deal with the President?

...This week it emerged that the pharmaceutical industry’s supposedly voluntary peace offering to cut drug costs by $80 billion to help finance ObamaCare was an explicit quid pro quo in exchange for White House protection.

After the industry trade group PhRMA announced the plan in the Rose Garden in June, liberals on Capitol Hill promptly declared that they were “not bound” by it, as Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi repeatedly put it.

It seems incredible that Billy Tauzin and PhRMA could fall for the backstabbing tricknology of the White House and Waxman.

Also, it makes a stark contrast with general claims that people opposing government health care takeover are organized mobs in the employ of some nefarious domestic industrial complex like "big pharmaceutical" or any other "big X" you care to name. That criticism applies to Grayson and Kosmas. They belong to "big pharmaceutical."