Thursday, May 13, 2010

Charlie Crist is a good riddance.

George Hamilton is getting long in the tooth, so perhaps Gov. Crist, after electoral defenestration, can pick up a job in Hollywood, taking over the George Hamilton pretty boy acting gigs.

Crist: The check's not in the mail
Julie Mason
Washington Examiner
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said today that hey -- he's not returning that money, after all. A group of prominent Republicans recently wrote to Crist after his switch from the GOP to the NPA (no party affiliation) asking for reimbursement of years of campaign contributions.

After initially sounding like he might do it, Crist -- looking stronger in the polls -- said that he's keeping all of it.

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I could not have predicted this specific act of betrayal, but it was obvious the first time I heard this pretty boy talk to reporters: I am not lying, look at me, trust me, now all I need is your credit card number.

It is a good riddance, not so much because he is out of the GOP, but because he will soon be out of politics completely. Next logical step: Hollywood, a tv sitcom, commercials ...more paid gigs to lie and get the camera to "look at me."