Monday, July 5, 2010

Obama sells out NASA, Bolden dances.

Not content to sell out Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel and all the people in Iran who seek freedom, the current president asks NASA to take janitorial duty under the State Dept., cleaning out the diplomatic toilets by making Al-Quaeda feel good. Bolden actually states this in the video.

Such nonsense!

Presidents have made NASA a political tool in the past. In the 1960s, the space program was used to compete with the Soviet Union. The astronauts, all ex-military, bought into the competition, to beat the Soviets in every category and especially to the moon. But that was a noble, hard challenge, not namby pamby feel good duty like today.

To see Bolden "dance" for the president on al-Jazeera is too much for my eyes. It is a stain.