Monday, July 28, 2008

Bad odor in Orlando in Caylee Anthony missing child case

This case gives me the creeps, but I am not sure what it is. Something is not right with the mother of the missing child, Caylee Anthony, and something is not right about the grandmother of the missing child. I worry that these good hearted people from around Orlando are getting used.
Dozens hold vigil to pray for Caylee's return
Susan Jacobson
Orlando Sentinel

July 28, 2008
More than 60 people showed up in a rainstorm Sunday night for a candlelight vigil for Caylee Marie Anthony, the 2-year-old Orange County girl reported missing nearly two weeks ago.

Friends and strangers gathered in the frontyard of Caylee's grandparents' Lee Vista-area home to pray for her safe return.

Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, 22, remains in the Orange County Jail on child-neglect and other charges.

She has told investigators that she left Caylee with a baby sitter last month and has not seen her since.

"Bring Caylee home," the group chanted, led by Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandmother.
It is mostly visual, so you cannot pick it up from the newspaper so much, but it is all over the Orlando television channels. That is where you get a good eyeball on the behaviors in this family.
  1. The mother of the missing child displays unusual levels of emotion, unusual kinds of emotion, considering her circumstances. Most tv commentators mention this.
  2. Why is the grandmother so glib about getting in front of the tv cameras? Even her daughter complained about grandmother's "cameo" appearances on tv. It rings false, how much the grandmother inserts herself into view. I have not heard any tv commentator take note of this.
  3. Similarly, the grandmother inserts a lot of herself into testimony in court. I have seen one tv commentator take note of this, although perhaps there have been others.
  4. Watch the video of the high school classmate who goes to the jail to visit and encourage the mother. She clearly cannot remember the guy, but she strings him along.
    1. Maybe she just wants normal contact, even if she can't recall the face of her caller, or
    2. maybe she is stringing him along until she can figure out a way to use him.
    So far, I have not heard any tv commentator take note of this. However, I have seen this behavior in other criminals behind bars, manipulating good hearted civilians showing ordinary human compassion.
For these reasons, when I see these good hearted folks come in from out of town for a prayer vigil, I worry that they are getting manipulated. I also worry that some of the family members are getting manipulated, too.

It breaks your heart, the emotional avarice you sometimes see in these crooks, manipulating others in order to gain while avoiding normal exchange of emotion with others.

As for the crime itself, I wonder if this Caylee Anthony missing child case is related to or similar to the Trenton Duckett missing child case northwest of Orlando. Trenton Duckett was also two years old when he went missing, and with a mother who had serious psychological problems.