Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heartache for UCF athlete's family

Crushing news from the medical examiner in Orlando. Young Ereck Plancher died because nobody caught his sickle cell trait.

Medical examiner: UCF football player Ereck Plancher had sickle cell trait
Iliana Limón and Kyle Hightower
Orlando Sentinel
4:12 PM EDT, July 17, 2008
The full autopsy of UCF football player Ereck Plancher revealed that he had a pre-existing medical condition called sickle cell trait, a blood disorder that has been traced as a cause of death for several athletes during workouts...

UCF officials said Plancher passed two physical examinations, including tests for the sickle cell trait. They said Plancher's medical exams and family history indicated that he was healthy and did not require more advanced tests before being cleared to play football.

This young man's family with an already broken heart now gets crushed. The heart of every teacher and coach at UCF must go out to them, for young Ereck's sake.