Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gibbsy, get a map, you goof. Volusia County is on the east coast of Florida.

Ace news man, Robert Gibbs, needs some mental adjusment of his internal map. He thinks Volusia County is the westernmost county in Florida.

WH Denies Political Motivation for Sending Staff to Gulf States
Major Garrett
Senior White House Correspondent
Fox News Channel
The White House first denied and then scoffed at the idea it was pouring operatives and press aides into Gulf Coast states to smooth feathers, first oiled then ruffled by the administration's admittedly uneven response... This contributed to the impression the White House fretted its spill response could leave it vulnerable to a voter backlash in the state [Florida] with 27 electoral votes (one tenth of the 270 needed for victory) that served as President Obama's southern anchor in 2008.

"Oil gets into a bay that is shared by both Alabama and Florida, right," Gibbs said. "The western -- or the easternmost county in Alabama, Baldwin County, is notified. The westernmost county in Florida, Volusia is not -- okay? A breakdown in communications from the incident command to the local level..."

Smooth move over there, Gibbsy. It's Escambia County that lies on the western march of Florida: Pensacola, Pensacola Naval Air Station etc. Then east from there, across the bay in a the next few Florida counties is Eglin Air Force Base, home of the Miss MOAB. Remember now, Gibbsy?

Or maybe just do your homework, genius. Volusia County might have voted for Obama/Biden, but it hasn't got any oil pollution -- not yet.

Even F.E.M.A. knows where Volusia county isn't. How bad is that? Gibbs is less knowledgeable than the FEMAs, viz.

Click image for large size 1650px × 1275px view of map.

Well, at least Theresa LePore now has a challenger for spatial organization genius of the year. That takes talent.