Saturday, July 24, 2010

Potomac fever, two recent examples

Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman used to talk about a medical condition known as Potomac Fever. A politician gets elected to Congress, gets to D.C., and the next thing you know, the honorable politician goes high hat, resulting in the need for new hats with a larger hat size.

Here are two cases of Potomac Fever in recent headlines:
  1. Congressman Alan Grayson. During congressional recess, he's at his tailor getting his head re-measured.
    Washington Police Investigate Grayson Death Threat
    TV station WESH-2 News
    POSTED: 4:43 pm EDT July 22, 2010
    UPDATED: 5:34 pm EDT July 22, 2010
    A death threat was called in to Grayson's Washington office.

    "Ten people are going to kill the congressman within 24 hours," an intern who answered the phone was told.

    "Like any other threat, it has to be taken seriously," Grayson said in a phone interview.

    Grayson recently spoke out about the extension of unemployment benefits.

    "I say this to the Republicans who have blocked this bill for months, who have kept food out of the mouths of children: May God have mercy on your souls," Grayson said.

    He said he thinks his opinions have prompted the threat.

    "What kind of twisted person would threaten someone who speaks out on behalf of the needy," Grayson said. "What kind of twisted person would threaten to kill someone."
    Except, what does that mean, ten people? A firing squad? Or ten people in a row? Most people only get killed once. [Exception: James Bond, for whom it can be said, you only live twice.]

    From a guy who is facile in attributing bloody motives to others, one would have to verify carefully whether the congressman actually received a threat and from whom. What kind of twisted person tries to score political points off a police matter?
  2. Spencer Ackerman, blogger in D.C. for Wired News Service.
    Video: Hard-Boiled Mafioso, Spencer Ackerman
    Dan Riehl
    Riehl World View
    He's been known to resort to violence on multiple occasions. Doesn't it show?

    Here is another guy who finds it easy to attribute racial motives to others for his own political gain.

Some job supervision for young Ackerman might be in order. Time can help: you can forgive him his weakness and twerpiness, for a season.

As for our Honorable Grayson, however, he is weak but has enough power and cash to ignore anybody's advice or supervision. Only one thing will work: withdraw consent and vote him out of office. Soon.