Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Congressman Conyers, another snowbird from Michigan

It appears that another snowbird will soon be heading down Interstate 75 from Michigan to the Sunshine State: Democrat Congressman John Conyers. He would be welcome in Palm Beach County, Theresa LePore's old stomping grounds, because he surely has the political acuity. Just listen to this video.

Yep. Honorable Conyers has the chops for PBC. According to the traditional Old School PBC Democrat Party Ethics Training Camp Checklist®, Conyers is a stone cold lock:

  • Cant be bothered to read 1000-page bill affecting millions of people?
  • No observable sense of fiduciary responsibilty toward constituents?
  • Has frequently screwed up a cup of coffee?


You're in, Congressman. PBC needs you. When you are ready to semi-retire to PBC, you'll follow the illustrious footsteps of political genius Theresa LePore. Situation normal.