Monday, July 20, 2009

Fatherless thieving SOBs at

The links on Drudge Report for ham and cheese look nice, but you might go to the site and try to replicate that ham and cheese data through the search feature.

The search 'cheese'

yields no results.

But Drudge's link to Bongard's Creameries in Norwood MN,

returns you a big page of data, with the

OMG! They changed it already!

At 8:30 AM this morning it had a field "Description of Work/Service performed" containing the text 'PROCESS CHEESE' but now you can't get that field's contents.

Those SOBs have rigged it up and out of view. Now those links make Drudge look like a liar.

Wait, you can scroll over the 'PIID' link and it shows 'PROCESS CHEESE' but this morning it was out in the open.

And none of it will show up in Google cached pages, I am guessing.

These guys are thieving fatherless SOBs.