Monday, July 20, 2009 is unsearchable.

The seach method on is disabled significantly. One can enter a keyword but it does not effectively search their database for "Description of Work/Service performed" information. Today Drudge Report published some links to boondoggle recovery grants.
June 20, 2009

LINK: RECOVERY.GOV // AWARDED: $5,708,260 FOR 'PROCESS CHEESE'... The Bongard Creamery, Minnesota

The link above to the Bongard Creamery grant contains 'PROCESS CHEESE' as description of the work performed.

However, when I looked at the site, I could not use "cheese" in their search box and get back a link to the Bongard Creamery page, even though their database obviously has a field for "Description of Work/Service performed" among others. My attempt seach for "cheese" returned no results.

It should be a basic seach feature -- make a query based on kind of of work performed.

There is no advanced search method.

What this means is that they have disabled their search function. They do not want people searching on the "Description of Work/Service performed" field. I consider that dishonest.

I also typed in "coffee" and "Orlando" -- nothing returned. A bad business.