Friday, July 17, 2009

Now letters to Senator Nelson and to Senator Martinez

Now my letters to Senator Nelson and Senator Martinez:

Please snag a few generals and colonels from that high tech coffee wagon behind the Pentagon, and go storm the House chambers to clandestinely secure Nancy Pelosi's mad money credit card and, on behalf of Florida civilians that have credit limits and must pay their own credit card bills,


Please! Before it's too late.

If nobody restrains this mad credit card binge up there in D.C., the rest of us civilians will get the chop: no job, no home, a global depression.

If you want to contact Nelson or Martinez, here are the links.
  1. Contact Bill...
  2. Please use the following form to contact the Office of Senator Mel Martinez with your comments and concerns.

To get information on legislation or share an opinion, call Senator Nelson’s office at (202) 224-5274. Senator Martinez has a phone in D.C., (202) 224-3041, and several Florida offices.