Thursday, July 23, 2009

University of Central Florida eliminates four programs.

It was inevitable. The UCF board of trustees cut several academic programs today, some of them fairly large.
  1. cardiopulmonary sciences
  2. radiologic sciences
  3. engineering technology
  4. management information systems
Also, the actuarial program was suspended, but the statistics program was NOT cut or suspended.
College budget crisis:
University of Central Florida
eliminates four programs
Luis Zaragoza
Sentinel Staff Writer
July 23, 2009

UCF trustees voted today to eliminate four academic programs and suspend a fifth within the next two years to cut spending by more than $4 million a year.

The cuts will lead to 33 faculty and four staff layoffs and affect more than 1,000 students who will have to switch majors or transfer to another school if they can't graduate before their degree programs close.

Officials say the cuts are needed because of anticipated budget deficits at the 50,000-student school within the next two years caused by reductions in state funding.

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It is inevitable that such a huge and fast-growing university will have to cut some programs that are judged expendable.

However, now that I look over that list again, I see that no humanities programs got the axe, only technical programs. That seems unusual.